Our Thinking School – Introduction

Our new philosophy sessions have proved to be a great hit with our pupils from Year 1 to Year 6.

Please share in these sessions at home using the resources contained within Philosophy. We want YOU and your child to take part by adding your thoughts to the blog box.

All comments will be moderated at school before sharing. Our aim is to be truly inclusive in our learning and to create even stronger links between home and school.

This Year 2020-21

North Ealing is currently working towards achieving a ‘Rights-Respecting School’ award, which would further embed our Learning Values tree into the school’s ethos and day-to-day working.

Our focus will be on ‘Rights and Responsibilities’ with themes drawn from UNICEF, literature and items in the news.

The themes are carefully developed so that the content is appropriate to the age-group in question. This means that pupils can talk about the right to equality, for example, in a range of scenarios from playground squabbles to international relationships!

Your comments and thoughts are welcomed and will be moderated before posting. This is an exciting project that can be shared as a family.

You are invited to join in our blogs with your child! We hope that you will take the time to look at these short presentations and discuss them with your child in order to encourage their ability to ‘think for themselves’.

The option to blog is entirely up to you but we hope that you will share in this opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions alongside those of your child.