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  1. Mmm! What IS ‘art’?
    Why do people pay a fortune for ‘pictures’ or ‘things’ ?
    Is the painting of a child in reception, Art?
    Why isn’t it worth a fortune?
    When does art become ‘Art’?
    Who decides what is/is not worth millions?

  2. Art is whatever you want it to be.Some people may be considered better at “art” but that is up to you. I think it is unfair that some peoples art is worth millions while others isn’t.

  3. Art is a big thing in peoples lives. I personally love art. I also think that every piece of it is different, but it is unfair that some works of art cost more than others,as lots of other pieces are better. 😀

    1. Thanks for your suggestions, Inara. I also believe that the arts are a vital part of being a ‘whole’ person. Let’s hope that the government listens to people like you! Mr.Mehew

  4. Thanks for your response. It is really important that everyone’s art get’s to be seen, as people may say that “oh, this piece is PERFECT” and others may think”I think it’s nice too, but this piece is great too”. I would listen to the latter because it is better to include even ones you don’t like. You never know, if you look at it from a different angle, you might find the one you thought the worst might actually have it’s own uniqueness. 😉

    1. Thank you for your MANY blogs, Inara! You are a FANTASTIC digital citizen! Please tell your class teacher that Mr.Mehew has given you 3 merits for your ‘responsible’ use of the internet, your ‘engagement with learning’ and your ‘independent thinking’! Mr.Mehew

  5. Art is when you get to express yourself freely .You can use colour and emotion of what you may be feeling I personally think it would make sense if art was free because most people just want art for happiness and happiness is free

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