Year 4: What is a ‘hero/heroine?’

hero - heroine
  • What is a ‘superhero/heroine’ and are they ‘real? (Fictional, celebrity, public service, parents)?
  • Who are the ‘hero/heroines’ of everyday life and why?
  • Who should be our role model – and do they always set a good example?
  • Is ‘being a celebrity’ a good/bad thing?

Year 3: Should Animals have rights too?

  • Are humans different to all other animals?
  • Should we keep animals in zoos?
  • Should we keep pets? What is the difference?
  • Is a goldfish in a bowl better off than a fish in the sea?
  • What rights SHOULD animals have – if any!

Read a good book lately?

read a good book lately

Read a good book lately?  Why not share it with others?


  • the title
  • the author/illustrator
  • a brief introduction (don’t retell the story!)
  • suggested age of reader.

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