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  1. Well! It’s YOUR future so you have to THINK CAREFULLY about what you want!
    And if you don’t get it? Is that still fair?
    Is DEMOCRACY the fairest way?
    SHOULD we be able to change our minds?
    Is it ‘fair’ to change our minds later?
    What do YOU think!
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  2. I think the best, fairest way is voting because I feel it is the easiest way to get through problems by using everyone’s choice. If it’s a draw then you can vote again or the leader or judge can use his own choice to solve the problem. Like Donald Trump and Hilleary Clinton had to use democracy and that’s all I know. 🙂

  3. Democracy is odd. It depends on whose in charge, if it is someone who listens to the people then democracy should be very successful.Lots of people have changed their mind about Brexit so I think it would be fair to do another vote because it could change the whole future of this country.

  4. Democracy is the best way to vote , as it makes sure people vote safely and ensures peace in every vote. You shouldn’t be allowed to change our minds because it would cause an uproar, and also, you’ve chosen what you’ve chosen, and you should think harder about who you really want. What if the vote had already gone in? Then what would you do? (please answer the question) ;p

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