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Fame Blog!

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  • What would you like to be famous for?
  • Is ‘being famous’ important.
  • What is MORE important?

3 Replies to “Fame Blog”

  1. This is a tough one! Today, so many people are ‘celebrities’ but not all are happy! Is being famous for ‘being famous’ a thing? What about being famous for curing a disease or helping to ‘save the world’?
    Is ‘fame’ necessary in our world? What good/harm can it do?
    Is it better to be ‘famous’ or just to ‘to your best’ to make the world a better place without ‘fame’?

  2. I would rather be not famous and happy than not happy and famous. However, it is not always good because this leads to people not getting their proper privacy and horrible rumours being spread around.

    1. It’s so hard/sad when people try and spoil the happiness of other people! 7
      If you can be anything, be kind!

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