How you doin?

Greeting to all of our pupils!

How’s it going? Would love to know what you are doing to entertain yourself, help each other and stay fit! Remember to blog responsibly using FULL sentences and not over-doing the emojis!

  • Include your NAME/CLASS but not your email.
  • Don’t forget to enter the code at the bottom BEFORE you press submit.
  • Then wait! Your blog will appear once it has been checked.

Thinking of you all!

6 Replies to “How you doin?”

  1. I went to M&S with my parents two weeks ago and at the counter they gave me 3`grow you own M&S garden’. They are great fun and they keep you busy for a while. I would recommend to do them outside because they are super messy but overall they were super fun. The plants that I got were beetroot, parsley and cress heads.

  2. I have made a pizza oven and sanded a table during lock down BUT OUR OVEN HAS BROKEN DOWN SO I CANT BAKE MY CHOCOLATE CAKES

    1. Oh Nika! So sorry that I haven’t responded to this yet! The online learning is keeping me busy but how fantastic that you are checking into the Learning Zone AS WELL! Pizza oven? Wow – my favourite is garlic mushroom and spinach with olives!
      But the chocolate cake situation is, indeed, tragic. Hope it gets fixed soon!

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