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  1. I look forward to seeing your ideas! Cookery? Gaming? Gardening? Ballet? It’s time to have your say and share your thoughts!
    Remember to be sensible, use clear sentences, make a positive contribution to the blog and enjoy sharing your thoughts!
    Also remember that nothing is put on the blog before it is checked- enjoy having your say! Mr.Mehew

  2. British Sign Langauge because I am amazed but it. I started learning many years ago at an evening class at Twyford High School… Would love to pick this up again!

  3. I think that we should add chemistry because it would be fun to do experiments like the elephants toothpaste which is where you pour chemicals into a another tube of chemicals and it explodes into a fuzzy mess and looks like toothpaste being squeezed out of the tube. We could do more experiments like this and I think people would have a lot of fun doing this.

  4. I think we should add chemistry and physics because it’s nice to learn a lot about science and it would be very helpful to learn about how the earth works and try to make potions or medicines in chemistry that could a bit fun as well by helping also people recover from their pain that’s all I can think of now.

  5. I would like cookery because only some high schools do it and i would like to learn how to cook more so i can cook more meals at home. It would also be fun because it would drop into the art section of the school but it would be a different type of art.

  6. I would add self defence classes on pads like in tkd so we can defend our selves
    against people who are trying to hurt us

    thank you for reading πŸ™‚

  7. For an extra lesson I would add martial arts because if someone attacks you , you’ll know how to react to what is happening to you.

  8. I would like to do gaming because I really like video games and in my opinion, they are very fun. I like playing on: PS4, PS3, mobile and PC.

    1. Thanks, George!
      Would it be as much fun if ‘teacher’ was watching over you? Are some things better ‘at home’ than ‘at school’? I wonder…

  9. I think you should add a swimming subject because swimming is fun and relaxing plus it could save your life one day and we only do it in year 4.

  10. I think we should have baking for the year sixes so when they’re in high school they know how to cook for their parents when they’re ill or sick.

    1. I agree because what would happen if you couldn’t cook and your parents were ill plus it is a life skill so please Mr Mehew bare that fact in mind

  11. I think we should do Gaming only so that children could have some fun in their school day. I also think with gaming you could have the choice to do educational games or not such games that involve working. If you want you could just stay behind and stay and do something else.

  12. I think we should also add gaming because children need a bit of fun in their school day because all we have is break and lunchtime and we rarely have something like this because the only time we use computers of laptops is ICT and we mostly use that for research or homework but sometimes we have a bit of extra time to play a few games and that’s why I think we should add gaming.

  13. I think you should add a gaming club or subject because it is fun and some people want to be gaming youtubers and it is fun and cool.

  14. I would like to learn art and DT more in the class and also go to the ICT and not go on lap tops so much .I would like to play board games too.

      1. Thank you for your response. The reason I like the ICT room more then the lap tops is because some of the lap tops don’t work and then we have to share.

        1. I fully agree, Reece! It’s a real nuisance and NES is doing its best to improve the situation. Really appreciate your response – you a star ‘digital citizen’! One merit from me – tell Miss Rafiq!

    1. Which language do you think is the most important? We learn Spanish and Eglish. Most people in the world speak Mandarin Chinese! Should we try and find a single language? Mr.Mehew

  15. I think north ealing should have a lab were at lunch and break you can go and do little experiments[not dangerous]i also think we should have a class in the lab for key stage2

    1. Many people believe that boxing is a good sport to learn – discipline, independence, fitness. What do others think? Mr.Mehew

  16. I think that a science lab would be nice because the children can learn to to do potions plus the kids would have fun and be learning.

    1. Wow! I wonder how many will agree with you! You are clearly VERY engaged and determined to do of your best, Isabel! What do the rest of you think? Mr.Mehew

  17. I think that French is a good subject because if there is a new student and they speak French we can understand them.I think that crafting is a great idea because it is fun for everyone in the school.

    1. Thanks for this thought! I wonder if ANY language is more important than another? Would it be better if we had a ‘shared’ language? Mr.Mehew

  18. I would like to do drama because it would help in school plays and is a fun creative subject that can get you out of tricky situations.cookery would be useful too and dance would be good because it keeps you healthy and is fun

  19. Samba drumming! I used to do this when I was at school and absolutely loved it. We had a school samba band and dance group and I loved performing at local events in our community. SAMBA SAMBA!!

  20. I think that we should add cooking into the curriculum as it is a huge life skill. Not just when you are an adult but also when you are in uni because if you live on campus you have to cook yourself. They don’t even lend you the utensils! I also have another suggestion: I don’t really have a name for this, but we could have a day when we choose 3 different jobs, and we learn all about them! πŸ™‚

  21. Another idea is dance, as it’s part of your excercise and also really fun! We could learn different types of dance as well.( just NOT breakdancing!!) πŸ˜€

  22. I think we should add cookery and chemistry because when you’re older and move out of your parent’s house you need to know how to cook because you can’t always have macdonalds or subway. Chemistry because I like experiments!

  23. I would add cookery because we need to learn how to cook when we’re older. It it a life skill that we all will use . We need to learn what is healthy and what is not and what we need to eat and what we just want .

  24. I think Cooking is a great life skill and can be very fun too! Also Basic First Aid should be taught so everyone knows how to do basic things to take care of themselves and others

  25. I would love if dance could be added to the curriculum. It is good and healthy for you ,and is also extremely fun. For me dance is a great way to get rid of worries ,and after it leaves you with a feeling of happiness ! That is just my point of view, thank you for reading!

  26. I think we could do cooking because I went to Ellen Wilkinson in the
    summer and I did that. I loved it because we made lots of yummy food.

    1. Yeah, that cookery was really fun and it would be great to do that at school so your parents would never need to cook for you because every night you would bring something home to eat!

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