Read a good book lately?

Read a good book lately?  Why not share it with others?


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18 Replies to “Read a good book lately?”

  1. Welcome to a new year at North Ealing! You’ll be reading lots of wonderful books and probably read some during the holiday. Share your favourites with us by giving the title and author. Say WHY you liked it so much but don’t give away the story! What age is the book aimed at?

  2. Title: The Creakers
    Author: Tom Fletcher
    Brief introduction: It is a book about a girl called Lucy who finds out what makes all the creaky floorboard noises in the night.
    Age: 9-12

  3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows by: J. K Rowling

    This book is about a boy called Harry Potter , who used to go to Hogwarts School for Wizards and Witches , and his two best friends who are called Ron and Hermione. They all drop out of Hogwarts because they need to do a task that Dumbledore has set them…
    I would recommend this book to ages 8+

  4. The Maze Runner by James Dashner

    This book is about a boy called Thomas who gets sent in a box to a huge maze. There is a safe part in the middle where there is crops, houses and hammocks. There are people called runners who go into the maze at dawn and come back in dusk. They do this because they want to find a way to escape.
    I would recommend this book to ages 10+

  5. Title: Explorer
    Author: Katherine Rundell
    Brief Summary: It is about for kids who are on a plane journey but then it crashes in the amazon jungle and they are stranded there. I have not finished the book yet but i am so eager too. The four kids are progressing through there life in the amazon jungle and they have found pineapple and honeycomb. Fred has built a raft and they are hoping to sail back to there home island. The other night they made a fire and left it there so it has burnt down there part of the jungle. I really recommend this book for anyone who likes adventure.
    Age: 10+

  6. The Book: Middle School The Worst Years of my life

    This book is about a boy who thinks his life is the worst life in the year of school .A boy who tries to break the school rule and gain points by the new table that he made with his best friend Leo the Silent. Later on, they stop the big consequences and Rafe (Main Character) becomes in love with a girl called Jeanne Gallate and the end is……………

  7. Everything ,everything by Nicola Yoon
    This book is about 17 year old Maddy who is allergic to the world.Olly is the boy next door ,who is always moving .As Olly’s dad rages and Maddy’s mum becomes overprotective Olly and Maddy fall in love over texts.I would recommend this book, but to older children because there are some inappropriate things in there but overall I loved this book.

  8. lately I’ve been reading a book called The Creakers so far its been shocking, exciting and mysterious i haven’t finished it yet but I’m close to .I would recommend this book to ashes from 8-12 because some parts are super creepy .

  9. lately I’ve been reading a book called The Creakers so far its been shocking, exciting and mysterious i haven’t finished it yet but I’m close to .I would recommend this book to ashes from 8-12 because some parts are super creepy .

  10. I, Coriander
    I love this book. A fantastic mystery,romance,fairy tale,thriller story . This story is about a girl that lived in the 1600 who has had a fortunate life so far , with rich parents that love her dearly and never leave her side. Things are good until things go severly wrong, Coriander finds out that there is evil in the world.

    I would recommend this book to 10’s and up!

  11. I am currently reading a very gothic thriller by Emma Carroll. It is called ‘Strange Star’ and is very intriguing. A villa named Diodati house is host to a story session, held by Lord Byron. The most terrifying horrors are whispered out there. The Lord describes a story… and it happens in real life! A poor, (literally) lifeless girl arrives on the doorstep, and she has a terror filled tale to tell. The question is, will everyone listen long enough to put it right?

  12. Watership Down
    by Richard Adams.

    This novel is a survival and adventure story set in southern England. It begins when Fiver, a young runt rabbit receives bad news. Him and a small group of rabbits have human like feelings and emotions. They also speak “Lapine” which is a fictional language made up by Richard Adam’s. The novel follows the rabbit’s experience of finding a new place to stay after they hear plans of their warren being destroyed. The novel is so gripping and I couldn’t resist reading this book at every given opportunity. The ending is …..

    I personally think this novel is for any age who love adventure but the suggested age is 11+

    1. I think that sounds like a really good book. Thanks for blogging I really want to read the book now. Can you tell me more about it at school!!!!

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