You are invited to join in our ‘Philosophy’ blogs with your child! We hope that you will take the time to look at these short presentations and discuss them with your child in order to encourage their ability to ‘think for themselves’. The option to blog is entirely up to you but we hope that you will share in this opportunity to express your thoughts and opinions alongside those of your child. Please don’t let the word, ‘Philosophy’, put you off. It’s simply a matter of taking the time to think and express ideas!

The blog is open to all! Add your thoughts, opinions and ideas. These will, of course, be moderated before sharing but we hope to provide both you and your child with plenty of opportunities to engage in thinking, reflection and appreciation of different opinions about key matters. Your contribution can be anonymous if you prefer but, obviously, we will not publish any responses that may cause offence or that contradict our learning values. THIS is SUCH an exciting opportunity to develop home/school learning and we look forward to hearing your ideas!

In ‘Philosophy’, we aim to develop the confidence to speak in public, to listen and to respond to the ideas of others. This, we believe, is an essential skill/tool in the future of our pupils who are facing an ever-increasing diversity of opinion about key issues. We hope to enable our pupils to see ‘ the big picture’ and develop their reasoning powers based upon hearing all points of view.

The debates are always moderated carefully and clear expectations about ‘how’ we debate are established in each session:

  • the topic is raised during the Monday assembly session;
  • the debaters are granted an ‘early lunch’ but are required to stay for the whole session once the introduction is presented;
  • an initial ‘vote’ on the motion is taken;
  • we raise our hand if we wish to speak;
  • the speaker invites a response from the raised hands;
  • the teacher/leader intervenes only when necessary or when a point needs making;
  • we NEVER use offensive language or express views that may offend others;
  • we consider our initial votes at the end of the session;
  • the teacher/leader may address issues raised in line with our mission statement and learning values;
  • the ‘Debating Society’ notice board is located outside 6F and pupils can use the post-it note system to suggest debate topics.

Our Online Safety Curriculum 2019-20