Science Museum – Year 4

Year 4 visit to the Science Museum Monday February 4th 2019

  • Such an exciting place to visit! What were the best moments for you (not including lunch)?
  • If you could take home something from the museum, what would it be?
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    1. As I carefully placed my foot in the museum, I could see the inside of the large museum. Before our lunch, we went to see “It takes the guts”. There were some disgusting pictures and some nice pictures like the fruit and veg. I like the picture with chicken the most. After our scrumptious lunch, we went to take the bus to get back HOME!!!!!
      From Noah

  1. I loved the Science Museum!! It was really fun even when we had to do a worksheet. My group(Dora, me and Ayah) barely did anything except the front and back pages . If I could take anything in the Museum I would take the small metal baby that was on the floor of one of the aisles I think it was on the floor of the aisle with the human with the baby sticking out of the moms stomach.My favourite part of the trip was where there was giant modal rocks with screens in them where you could play games

    From KEIRA

  2. My best moment was listening to the lecture about the digestive system. I liked watching the experiments that Carl was performing in front of the whole of Year 4. My favourite experiment was the one where he set flour on fire in a tube.

    I would like to take home the stone baby that was stuck to the floor. It was black and felt smooth and cold when I touched it.

  3. On a cold Monday morning on 4th February, Y4 went to the mesmerising Science Museum. It was a short journey by double-decker bus and train.
    When we arrived, I was excited but nervous for the surprise show. At the show there was a man who was demonstrating how the fascinating digestive system works. The best bit was when we watched the “Burp Factor” and four NES contestants got into the finals! We were lucky we saw inside the real human body!
    Shortly after, we went to the “Who Am I?” room where we got to experience the 5 senses. Touch, Smell, Taste, See and Feel.
    Finally, we had lunch and returned home. That was the end of our amazing scientific adventure.
    Thank you for reading!!

  4. I loved our trip to the science museum ! My partner was Lucien and the rest of the people in miss Rafiq’s group were Shaan , Velko and Jennifer but i’m not sure who else. My favorite thing was the talk called ‘it takes guts’ my least favorite was … well ,to be honest i didn’t have one . on the trip i learnt babies in Britain will live to about 100 (if they keep healthy!) 😁😁😁

  5. On Monday 4th February 2019.
    We went to the Science Museum by bus and tube. It probably took one hour.
    When we got to there Miss Rafiq gave us worksheets. When we did the workshop, which was a great fun but actually a little bit disgusting to look at. That is because the workshop was about digestion which starts from the mouth. It was really described as we are inside.
    We learned that without digestion, we can’t absorb food into our bodies and use it and also digestion is very important to break down food into nutrients.
    After coming back home, I looked for something about digestion from my sister’s science revision book and on the Internet. I want to learn more about digestion at school.

  6. Last Monday 4th February, I woke up very excited because we had a trip to the Science Museum. I got to school early; it was raining so we got upstairs quickly. We got our hi vis jackets. After that we had a toilet break, we did it in turns by table.
    Miss Rafiq got us into groups. I was in Dalia’s mum group. Then we got in a line by our groups. Then we went outside. The e2 was waiting for us. The e2 took us to Ealing Broadway. We got on the tube. Inside it was very busy.
    When we got off, we were excited to finally be there. First, we left our things in crates. We walked through the space room. We could see a model of planet Earth, a lunar lander and a rocket. Everyone was saying Wow! We went to the basement for our fruit break. Then we went to a show about digestion. We could see inside someone’s body. My favourite part was when we watched the burp factor.
    Later we went upstairs to the “Who am I?” exhibition where I had to do a quiz about digestion. After that, we ate our lunch. It was very yummy.
    If I could take something home from the Museum it would be the “Lunar Lander”.
    I felt happy during this school trip! I learned new things, had lots of fun and had an incredible time.
    Thank you Miss Rafiq for taking me there!!

  7. Hey everyone,

    I had a wonderful day at the science museum it was great fun. We went there on public transport. Firstly we went on the bus to Ealing Broadway station and then we got on the district line to South Kensington.

    Not long afterwards we arrived. We put our bags away in lockers then we had our first activity. All of year 4 were sat in the theatre room ready to learn about the digestive system. Me, Isla, Eleanor, Amir, Radu and Joe were all in Miss Pitts group. We got front row seats! Lawrence introduced himself and showed us about his visit to the hospital. We watched a video where a camera went in through his mouth, all the way through his body down to his intestines. Carlos (the man who did the show) told us a story that he went through when he was our age about his difficulties digesting things. After that we had lunch.

    The second part of the day was really fun. We went into the “who am I?” section to answer some questions, it was boys vs girls. The boys beat us! Inbetween, our group took some selfies.

    Eventually, we went back on public transport to get back to school. Our parents were waiting for us. I hope we have a school trip like that again as it was great learning in a fun sort of way. Another fantastic day has past with our wonderful teachers Miss Pitt, Miss Jenkins and last but not least Miss Rafiq. Thanks for reading.

    Kalia Lewis 4P

  8. Thank you, Year 5 pupils!
    I’ve enjoyed reading about your wonderful trip to the Science Museum. I can see that you really enjoyed it and that you have brought back many exciting memories ( including the ‘Burp Factor’)!
    It’s also good to see you replying to each other in such a sensible and responsible way! You’re helping keep the internet safe and a better place to explore.

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