Sports v Art Blog

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  • Both are important!
  • If you HAD to choose one, which would it be?
  • ART includes drawing/ painting/ dance/ music/ sculpture/ design etc.
  • SPORT includes football, rugby, hockey, tennis, golf, running etc.

3 Replies to “Sports v Art Blog”

  1. Greetings! Thank you for joining this blog!
    Remember to explain your thoughts and, if replying to another blog, do so respectfully and responsibly.
    If you like something that is said, explain WHY you liked it.
    I bet you know already which I think is more important BUT you can also challenge my thoughts!

  2. I think that sport is more important since you use it to keep fit, if we all did art then we wouldn’t get any exercise which we all know isn’t good. Also, I think that sport is a more useful life skill.

    1. Thanks, Blake!

      Good to see you keeping your thinking skills going and providing a thoughtful comment! But doesn’t Art make life better for ALL – even if they can’t do Sport?
      And I hope that you are practising both! We miss you here at NES!
      Take care!

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