Year 5: What could happen if AI/Robotics replaces humans?

  • Is technology really helping us become ‘better’?
  • Will you have a job in your future?
  • The Victorians used child labour – why? Is it better to replace humans with machines?
  • Does technology need to slow down or speed up?

3 Replies to “Year 5: What could happen if AI/Robotics replaces humans?”

  1. If ai robots took over our world they would have to be solar or wind powered or the Earth will not be stable and most likely the atmosphere will turn greyish colour . Also it would need humans to make the robots thrive.

  2. The industrial Revolution changed us for ever. There were good and bad aspects to it. WORKERS were often exploited by the rich and working conditions were often terrible! Are you worried about your job in the future? Are humans becoming less useful as machines become more intelligent? What will ‘work’ look like in the future?

  3. If eventually humans taught AI advanced machine learning and mechanics then would the world be run by robots. Wrong, when it does come materials will be so low that you would have to be billion air to afford one. Sure by then we would have made tons of technology but it would all be out of date. For example as soon as a new iPhone is made everyone throws away their old one and nobody buys them; they either salvage them or they go to land fill. No matter what we do they will simply be too expensive to replace all jobs. However in Malawi their is a group of scientists who use scrap metal to create amazing inventions. They have made cars and coolers for the community. Since half of the country is not connected to electricity and the ones who do have unreliable power, all their creations either run on solar or require no electricity whatsoever. So to my conclusion we should not worry about such meaningless worries.
    -Artuss 6P

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