Year 6: Is there such a thing as a ‘just war’? Should ‘others’ get involved?

  • Should we look after only ourselves and not interfere with other conflicts? Eg WW2
  • What, if any, is a good reason for going to war? Eg Helen of Troy
  • What is the best way forward when things ‘go wrong’ in other countries or at home?
  • Is war sometimes the ONLY way forward?

6 Replies to “Year 6: Is there such a thing as a ‘just war’? Should ‘others’ get involved?”

  1. World War Two caused huge suffering to millions of people. Are there some ‘good’ reasons for going to War? Was Helen of Troy worth going to war over? Remember that we don’t know if she WANTED to go with Paris! When should a country become involved with a war in another country?

  2. War is a conflict between two different sides that disagree with a certain event. For example, the thing that set of the Trojan War was a pretty lady being kidnapped by a man who loved her. Was that a good enough reason?
    I disagree with War as a reason for it being one person who is greedy and who wants more against someone who thinks that they are powerful enough to challenge their opponent.

  3. I think that they should get involved (e.g World war 2) because Britain accepted a deal to defend another country in exchange for them defending their country. If you made a promise you have to keep it.

  4. War is a battle between two different sides in a disagreement over certain events. I personally think War is the last thing anyone wants, why get involved when it doesn’t affect your country? I don’t agree with War, why risk millions of lives to defeat one selfish person who wants more than the rest? Sometimes War may seem the only option left but is it really? I don’t think War will ever be the right thing to do but I struggle to think of other ways to settle a disagreement.

  5. No , their is no such thing as just war because war is many things put together . E.G, mental warfair , physicle warfair ect . War is many horrible things put into one gigantic nightmare in real life .

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